Friday 30 May 2014

Featuring on I heart you: Vasudha and Amogh

Wedding Storyz brings you the first story of love to be published on our blog: Vasudha and Amogh who fell head over heels during their MBA program at the prestigious institute Symbiosis International University. (Yes somewhat like 2 states!!). Vasudha hails from dilwalon ki Delhi while Amogh is from the Oxford of the east: Pune; also the city where they met for the first time. They are a modern day couple currently residing at Mumbai and having promising careers at Cipla.

When we asked Amogh what he finds most special about Vasudha he reveals, “First thing that comes to my mind is her ‘devil may care’ attitude!” Her practicality and the fact that she wears her heart on her sleeve also endears him. Vasudha told us that Amogh is very creative and has fine tastes in life in general. “He is my ‘Google’ for any and everything under the sun” she quips.

During the week they like taking long walks together and over the weekend they love watching movies. They are actively involved in outdoor activities like trekking and rafting and also enjoy quiet time together at home. We asked them to tell us a fond memory of theirs, they told us: “There is a place very special to us. It is a pathway near our campus, hand-in-hand we used go for a walk every evening. (Awww that college love!) This was during our postgrads years”

What the photographers have to say about the couple:

Vasudha is cute and bubbly while Amogh was slightly camera shy at the beginning of the photo shoot but within minutes team RnR was able to make him at ease with the camera. Both were very comfortable to work with. The team received a warm welcome from the two families while shooting the wedding. They count capturing Vasudha, Amogh and their families’ special moments as one of the best experiences till date.

When asked how they conceptualized the art behind the pictures, Isha of RnR says “While discussing about their pre-wedding shoot we got to know that they liked going for walks, sitting together at a window seat while attending their MBA classes and liked natural surroundings. Hence, we tried to incorporate these nuances in our pictures.” They got creative and tried to bring out the contrast in their personalities through the type of books they like to read - Vasudha loves comics (Archies et al) while Amogh prefers business and financial books and magazines.

Simar of team RnR ends with the following footnote “The couple was very patient when it came to delivering the pictures. They were a great sport throughout!”

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Pictures courtesy:  ReelnRealPhotography