Tuesday 24 June 2014

Modern jewellery for the modern working woman

For the contemporary bride.

Is there a small rebel in you? A thirst for being distinguishable? Then you would love Avrom. It has that subtle nature of being different; of standing out from the crowd. Well why should Wedding Storyz say much, as usual we have an amazing lady, Mrs Juhi Juyal Trivedi the quintessential modern working woman who adores her jewellery and hence chooses it carefully; to vouch for Avrom. And also we have a few words of wisdom from the magician who works wonder behind the Avrom brand, Miss Priti Sharma, the managing director of the brand.

We had a candid interview with Juhi to know why she went contemporary and about her experience with Avrom. And quick questions for Priti as to give us an insight into contemporary jewellery making.

Tell us something about yourself, knick-knacks, tidbits.

My name is Juhi Juyal Trivedi and I work as a software engineer with Sun life and live in Delhi, married to the love of my life. And usually have a very busy schedule. I get time for myself over the weekends and that is when I like to go for shopping and spending time with my husband.

Share with us your love for jewellery; are you very fond of it? Or do you use it occasionally?

As a modern working woman I prefer wearing minimal but stylish jewellery and every woman shares this love for buying exclusive jewellery that she can flaunt about. (Yes! We totally get it, every woman wants a style statement of her own)

What made you choose Avrom?

I came to know about Avrom first through Instagram and then through Facebook and instantly liked their style of jewellery. They are unique and have very interesting designs. (Ahhh... the blissful world of social media, what would we do without it :P)

Sunday 15 June 2014

Real weddings: A grand South Indian wedding in Hyderbad

We are so excited to feature our first real wedding!! Wedding Storyz proudly presents the story of D. Sindhuri Ajit and Venkata Ratna Kumar Bade (yes a quintessential South Indian wedding, to be precise, a quintessential Telugu wedding). Some facts about them: Sindhuri is from Hyderabad while Kumar has been in the States since past 10 years working with telecom giant AT&T. Kumar’s parents just loved Sindhuri’s profile when they came across it on the very popular matrimonial site Bharat Matrimony and contacted her mother. There was no stopping after that, they met, fell for each other and eventually got married. Sindhuri moved to Seattle where they currently reside. Even though theirs is an out and out arranged marriage they are totally smitten with each other.

Sindhuri says, “What I like about him is his simplicity. He is a very down to earth and patient person.” “Her cheerful nature and the fact that she is an outgoing person and fun to be with, is what I love about her” shares Kumar. (Opposites attract me thinks!) They love spending time with each other and going on long drives. They also enjoy traveling and have already been on some awesome trips together. “It is an arranged marriage and we are new to each other so everything that we do together feels great! Even a walk in the garden feels special. His little surprises make me feel on top of the world” she laughs.

Thursday 12 June 2014

Popular honeymoon destinations

Honeymoon destinations
venice cafe restaurantToday’s topic has been on my mind for a long time so I thought I should just write about it and get it out of my system! This post is all about HONEYMOONS!!! Yes the blessed span of time where you go stretch out on the recliner and laze all day or sightsee some. There are sooooooo many options to choose from; obviously anyone can get confounded. A couple is perhaps as spoilt for choice while browsing for honeymoon destinations as is a buyer of shampoo. With travelling to other countries and within the country becoming a cakewalk it is inevitable. Then how to choose the right destination for your honeymoon? I say you break it down: What kind of a trip are you looking for? Relaxing? Adventure? Shopping spree? Specific country? Or a simple getaway? Secondly, the major factor that I would suggest you to take into consideration is the climate of the place where you plan to head. We usually neglect it and then spend the vacation either sniffling or feeling uneasy. Some love the cold weathers some the warm balminess of the tropics. Thirdly, you would like to consider the geography of the place, some find beaches calming and soothing while others crave for hilly regions. However, of all these pointers, the most important one is how much time you have on hand for your honeymoon? (The irony of our lives). It makes no sense to spend most of your vacation in a plane, train, bus or car, even though it seems very pleasant in Zindagi na milegi doobara :P (yes that was a jibe, even though I like the movie)