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Popular honeymoon destinations

Honeymoon destinations
venice cafe restaurantToday’s topic has been on my mind for a long time so I thought I should just write about it and get it out of my system! This post is all about HONEYMOONS!!! Yes the blessed span of time where you go stretch out on the recliner and laze all day or sightsee some. There are sooooooo many options to choose from; obviously anyone can get confounded. A couple is perhaps as spoilt for choice while browsing for honeymoon destinations as is a buyer of shampoo. With travelling to other countries and within the country becoming a cakewalk it is inevitable. Then how to choose the right destination for your honeymoon? I say you break it down: What kind of a trip are you looking for? Relaxing? Adventure? Shopping spree? Specific country? Or a simple getaway? Secondly, the major factor that I would suggest you to take into consideration is the climate of the place where you plan to head. We usually neglect it and then spend the vacation either sniffling or feeling uneasy. Some love the cold weathers some the warm balminess of the tropics. Thirdly, you would like to consider the geography of the place, some find beaches calming and soothing while others crave for hilly regions. However, of all these pointers, the most important one is how much time you have on hand for your honeymoon? (The irony of our lives). It makes no sense to spend most of your vacation in a plane, train, bus or car, even though it seems very pleasant in Zindagi na milegi doobara :P (yes that was a jibe, even though I like the movie)
snorkelling diving sea marine lifeHoneymoon destinationsCurrent hot spots are Cape town, Morocco, New Zealand, Mediterranean and of course the evergreen European countries of Ireland, France (Paris… sigh) Greece, Denmark, Spain Prague et al. I am a beach bum for life, so any tropical beach works for me. Like me if you too love the beach then you can head to Cayman Islands, Caribbean, Hawaii, Maldives, Bali, Seychelles or for the more exotic beaches to the Aussie Great Barrier Reef. These places have almost similar climate to that of India and boast of rich marine life. Recently it has been brought to notice that the Great Barrier Reef is a habitat for numerous endangered species and is a natural formation under protection. So it is good news and bad news. Good news being that you will get to see amazing marine life specially the rare species. Bad news is that the water sports in this area have been curbed to a great extent. If you are an enthusiast for both then you can see the beautiful flora and fauna at GBR and then head to another beach for snorkelling or diving. Konkan, Maharashtra has those small village beaches that fill you with calm and peace. And the beaches at Andaman actually break you off from technology and ensconces you in nature and its pristine beauty.

alps street restaurant cafe bistroThe mystic charm of castles and forts never fades on me; I am eternally mesmerized by them (I wish Hogwarts was real). I love the turrets and the colossal gates overlooking the serene lakes/rivers and their stone bridges. If you have a thing for architecture, history, arts or merely love exploring different cultures then these structures maybe the place for you. Rustic castles at Ireland, Scotland and France have a rich history and many enchanting tales, mythical or otherwise. Palaces at our own Udaipur, Jaisalmer and Jaipur are no less royal (clearly evident in Jodha Akbar :P). Moving on, I am totally psyched about the tombs of Galileo, Michelangelo, Rossini and Dante and the stained glass at Basilica di Santa Croce at Florence, Italy. Meanwhile the very famous Palace of Versailles possesses breathtaking
palace of versailles
paintings, gardens & roof murals. And as this is a wedding blog, I would like to mention that many affluent Indians have tied knots here, the most talked about being the Mittal Wedding. Vanisha Mittal, daughter of Lakshmi Mittal the billionaire steel magnet of India had one of the most outrageously expensive weddings in recent history of mankind at Versailles. Châteaux, monuments, museums, vineyards, are only tip of an iceberg. There is plenty of architecture and history around the world to explore, well after all we are a product of two hundred thousand years of evolution :D 

swiss alps train
Then there are the mountains to be considered. As I am crazy about beaches, there are people who are crazy about hills and mountains. And when it comes to mountains the first name to pop up in my mind is Les Alps. Eating chocolate fondue and sipping some Bordeaux while sitting amidst the magnificent Alps is amongst the top ten of my bucketlist. As we grow up on Bollywood movies, Swiss is the dream destination of almost every Indian. Now who would not want to waltz in a saree in the snow :P And while you are here you could also visit the Jungfrau Region which offers awe-inspiring views of the mountain side. (Pssst... the nerd in me doesn't mind visiting the Hadron Collider at CERN on my honeymoon, but that's just me :P) 
nepal mount everest Matterhorn at Zermatt which is said to be a Mecca for mountaineers and is considered as a technically difficult climb. Of course you are not going for an expedition, but you can definitely cheer the climbers and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. Take a cable car ride to the top of the mountains and say cheers to the beginning of the second part of your life :) And if Swiss boasts of Alps, we have a even bigger answer: Mount Everest just saying (again, I know it is a honeymoon)! Nepal has an array of monasteries with the humbling Himalayas as a backdrop.

las vegas casinos lightschamps lycees rodeo drive beverly hillsIf you are looking for a holiday full of glamour and glitz you can think of places like Las Vegas (Casinos... I am feeling lucky already!). Get one of those couple spas at The Caesar Palace and pamper yourself to oblivion. Named the best city in the entire world, New York has never let this title down. The most obvious attraction is the lady of freedom: The Statue of Liberty, Empire State building and the always crowded Times Square (whenever someone says Times Square a countdown begins in my head 6.. 5.. 4.. 3..). At Beverly Hills, Calif there are fun things to do like climb to the Hollywood sign, visit the sprawling estates of the glitteratti or simply walk down the Rodeo Drive with shopping bags of the world's most expensive brands. You may even spot a celeb in oversized sunglasses strolling by while you sip coffee at Starbucks (happened to my friend). Champs Elysée is another watering hole for the rich and famous. Paris being the heart of the fashion world, you will spot the latest trends here first. Milan is Paris's (or Paris is Milan's) sister when it comes to A La Mode. Powerhouses like Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Miuccia Prada Dolce & Gabbana and many others are located here; you can actually feel the air pulsing with creativity and glamour. When it comes to fun and frolic how can one leave out Disneyland (Singapore, America, France etc.), Legoland. and others? Why not spend a day or two and let the child within you smile with glee.

To end with I would like to name a few Indian honeymoon destinations. If you are the unconventional traveller then you would love to visit Leh, Ladakh and Shillong in the north and east. In west the south you can pick places like Mount Abu and Pondicherry respectively. And for the lazy travelbugs, who do not wish to do anything but laze around (like me :P)Goa it is; paradise on earth. Trust me nothing beats Goa when it comes to "I don't give a damn what my neighbour is doing!" One of my friends wisely quoted on Facebook while holidaying: When you have breakfast at 3 PM, you know you are in Goa! So cheerios! A bientot! And promise me you will share your honeymoon destination and journey with me :)

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