Thursday 6 November 2014

A wedding full of romance in the city of Nawabs!

Sorry for the longgggggggg break! I am going to graduate school here in the United States and it is hectic! I don't have a life :/ Yet, I love blogging so much, I have left aside my homework and come on here so that I can bring to you another beautiful story of love, dress and mess!

This is Jyoti Kishore and Pushpendra Singh's story edited by me. They are yet another software geek couple, both of them work with a software MNC however, Jyoti goes a step further, she also works as a freelance photographer and a model. They first set eyes on each other at Westin, Hyderabad.
To sum it up in few lines, the bride shared with us the following excerpt: There was an unfamiliar knock on the door of his heart on a lazy Sunday evening. He was in a good mood, she was playfully unsure...she wasn't looking for love and he wasn't expecting any. Despite, each quickly decided to venture into the unknown territory of other's soul and mind. Not long before, he knew she was a merchant of love! He was not seasoned in that game of love he was playing...he was just
playing along. She was a recklessly free soul and stung him time and again with her venomous fangs every time he tried to breach into her heart that was not his yet. She boggled his mind more often than he cared to acknowledge and her mind intrigued him as much as her actions were baffling to him. There was something that he didn't understand, which kept him hooked to wasn't for her charms nor for her outwardly beauty! It was probably the beauty and the innocence of her soul buried under countless layers of outwardness her world gave her over time. A rose is a rose despite all its thorns! The Phoenix that was she to him, seemed restless and tired yearning to be reclaim her dreams...and so he killed her with love! Rest is history, they love each other madly!!! (Sigh... these lines, they will take away anyone's breath!)

When I asked Jyoti about her costume, she told me she designed it herself as she wanted her outfit to be exactly like what she had in mind. So guys, I totally agree with her, if you have a specific design in mind, you will have to be very much involved in getting the right outfit done from the designer. She also advises to choose outfits that not only make you look good but also complement your partner's clothes. For example, I know wearing the same color may be too cheesy however, if you play it subtle you should be able to nail it.

Jyoti got her makeup and hair done from Naturals. It is very important for any bride that her makeup does not fall by the way side as it is one of the most crucial days of her life. When asked for makeup tips she says "I think I have two important tips that will help all future brides: a) be well rehearsed with your makeup b) make sure your makeup is not under or over done". (Wow Jyoti you nailed it in two simple sentences!)

Pushpendra agreed with my opinion that choosing a photographer is an important task. They wanted someone who will give them all their magical moments in prints. He had been following Katias’s work on Facebook for quite sometime and she was their first choice. "As wished for, Katia is not only an amazing photographer but also a very nice human being. Me and my wife were effortlessly comfortable in front of camera with her" he says.

Their wedding was at Daspalla in Hyderabad. They always knew Hyderabad would be the place because it was the city where they met for the first time. So all their family members from Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh came down to celebrate their union in the city of Nawabs. Almost all their guests loved the food! (Well we live to eat I suppose, so hats off to the caterers! :))

Overall, the couple had an amazing experience planning their own wedding. They say "more than great I would say it was fun because at the end of the day we were planning a day we had always longed for! From flowers to finance, we did it all and it was certainly a memorable experience" (Yay! Kudos guys!)

Words with the photographer:

When I asked Katia of Katia Peshakova Photography, how was her experience working with the couple, she says "I love Jyoti's creativity, and I loved that she believed in me and my art, she never controlled me or directed me even though she is herself a photographer. She just enjoyed her best moments in life"
Her favorite shot is one where Jyoti is holding Pushpendra's head and there are mountains covered in sunshine in the background. "This image reminds me of the long journey through life, two hearts beating to the same melody, and one hand holding another...." (Well said Ms. Peshakova).

Her message to the couple is that they just enjoy their life to the fullest. Katia enjoyed covering their love story as she helped the couple in documenting the best moments of their life.