Monday 11 July 2016

Finding love in the most expected places

First of, I apologize for being away from my blog for more than a year but graduate school in the US is hard specially when you choose to write a thesis. So yes in the past year I did do a lot of writing but just not for the blog! I defended my thesis successfully and graduated with my second master's degree this May. And now I have some time on my hands so the first thing I turn to is my blog (It is precious to me even if it may not seem so :P).
Today I am going to share a short story of two people who were meant to be! Chaitalee and Suyesh met each other through their parents and hit it off immediately. So yes, it is an arranged marriage that started on a formal note and continues to be the most romantic note! Chaitalee's parents told her about a prospective groom named Suyesh and she agreed to meet/talk to him after going through his bio. Her parents told her to expect an email from him. And soon enough she received an email from Suyesh. Yes, an email was their first mode of contact just like the movie You've Got Mail. "It all started with an email, it was his first email to me and I remember there were a few spelling mistakes" recalls Chaitalee fondly. (Hahaha such a Grammar Police!) But this is not the only funny part about their story.

After their first email interaction they decided to meet and Chaitalee made an agenda for their meeting! "She is very particular about things, my complete opposite, so she created an agenda for our meeting which included the topics that we were supposed to talk on!" laughs Suyesh. "Of course we did not stick to the agenda and talked about all random things possible!" shares Chaitalee. They are so techno that after their first email interaction, their first call was through Skype. Chaitalee was located in Aurangabad then and Suyesh was in America.

Finally, they are married now! They got engaged after knowing each other for some time and then decided to tie the knot after getting to know each other really well. I am so happy for them because as the title of this post suggests, love can be found in all places, and even when they were miles apart nothing stopped their hearts to beat for each other.

Thanks Raman for sharing the couple's story with me, I really enjoyed writing it! :)


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  2. These photos are so deep and touching. The photographer is definitely very talented. I would like you to post more of such pictures.

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