Monday 18 August 2014

Love, Shaadi and Lehenga

Well guys, as promised, I am back on track and would be posting awesome wedding stories from across the globe regularly now. I have recently relocated but I make sure I have access to a PC and internet so that I am not disconnected from you guys. Thank you so much for loving the blog and reading all our stories, the couples are also really psyched that they are able to help newbies like you.

Following is a super cool interview with a super cool couple! (Questions included)

Me: Do tell me a little about both of you (where you live, where you work, how you met etc.).

Them: We live in Melbourne, Australia. I, Shweta, work with Telstra while Anjan my hubby dearest works with Ford.

Sunday 17 August 2014

Wedding Reels on our Wedding Vendors list

Wedding Reels is an entity which makes all your dreams come true. They are a team of photographers and cinematographers who will cover your wedding in a different way and make those moments unforgettable!

Their work: Wedding Reels

You can WhatsApp them on: +91 9096256841

Before accepting a project, they would love to know a little bit about you like what type of wedding is it, duration of all the celebrations, the rituals etc. etc. They are vouched for by bride Mrunmayee and groom Sameer, read their story here.

Camera Crew on our vendor's list

Dear readers, as promised by me, I handpick vendors specially for you, so that it is a pleasant experience for you to plan your wedding by making an informed decision. Finalizing on a particular vendor out of all those available can get confusing. Hence we have tried and tested vendors who do not buck under pressure and ensure great service at all times.

So here is another vendor added to our elite list: Camera Crew, a photo and video house led by Mr. Rajesh Dembla. Following is their listing:

Tidbits about CC:

We are a full-service creative photography agency based in Mumbai, India. With professional photography and innovative settings, we capture impressive, original and stunning pictures to ensure that your beautiful memories are creatively secured for life! We are one-stop-shop for all creative needs related to your marriage. With enormous experience and amazing portfolio of weddings, we have honed the skill of creating absolutely startling albums and panoramas using 360 Panoramic Virtual Tours, Still Photographs and Videos.

Their work: Camera Crew

Ring them on: +91-9870 888444

They love to travel and as promised by Wedding Storyz are vouched for by bride Sonal and groom Karan, read their story here.

Wednesday 13 August 2014

Our second I Heart You couple!!

After a super long break, I finally got some time to write about another arranged marriage which turned into a lovey-dovey, cute and mushy love story over time :) (Some beautiful pictures of a quintessential Maharashtrian Wedding coming up specially for you guys!).

Meet Mrunmayee and Sameer, both engineers although in different domains. Sameer is more towards the creative side being a design engineer whereas Mrunmayee is more towards the techy geek types being a software engineer. They both met in Pune in an arranged set-up (the first time they spoke to each other was over phone to finalize a meeting place and time). (Yes I know, the routine girl meets boy :)) But hold on.... there is a twist, the first time they spoke face to face, something clicked, they instantly knew that they are meant to be. (Taada! Magic, I know right ;)) But that's how cupid strike, unknowingly and in the most unexpected circumstances.