Wednesday 13 August 2014

Our second I Heart You couple!!

After a super long break, I finally got some time to write about another arranged marriage which turned into a lovey-dovey, cute and mushy love story over time :) (Some beautiful pictures of a quintessential Maharashtrian Wedding coming up specially for you guys!).

Meet Mrunmayee and Sameer, both engineers although in different domains. Sameer is more towards the creative side being a design engineer whereas Mrunmayee is more towards the techy geek types being a software engineer. They both met in Pune in an arranged set-up (the first time they spoke to each other was over phone to finalize a meeting place and time). (Yes I know, the routine girl meets boy :)) But hold on.... there is a twist, the first time they spoke face to face, something clicked, they instantly knew that they are meant to be. (Taada! Magic, I know right ;)) But that's how cupid strike, unknowingly and in the most unexpected circumstances.
Mrunmayee tells us "He is so genuine. So genuine that he's almost like a kid. He's vulnerability is likeable. He's painfully simple and that is what's special in him" (Awwww...). And Sameer says "She is passionate about life, wears her heart on the sleeves and she's bashfully unapologetic about it. Its the most special thing about her" They love hanging out together, going on long drives to untraveled places but the most special to them is having long meaningful conversations. (Well guys, I am not much into relationship advices, but I would definitely like to mention here, talk, communicate that's the best way to maintain any relationship). For Mrunmayee, her home at Kalyaninagar will always remain close to her heart as their story began from there. She still reminisces the long conversations they had on the porch steps or in the backyard. "We spent the longest evenings talking there. Getting to know each other, going from strangers to lesser than strangers. The huge French windows helped" giggles Mrunmayee.
When asked about how to keep your cool on the D-day, the couple suggests to take it easy and not to fret. "The time spent together is what you'll remember, the look in each others eyes, the sweet nothings he whispered in your ears amongst all that chaos is what will remain, not the ceremony. Each other first, ceremony secondary" (Agreed!).
The photographer's story: "It was a fun shooting their wedding and we wish them a very happy married life" says Raman of Wedding Reels who covered this beautiful Maharashtrian wedding in Pune. So a short and sweet story of two, how they fell for each other and vowed to be each others soulmates. Once again sorry for not posting regularly, I was travelling and just now got the time to type some. I will try and be regular as soon as I can. Till then have fun guys and most importantly, get married otherwise who will I write about?!! (Just kidding :P).
PC: Wedding Reels


  1. What a nice story - incredible that even though it was an arranged marriage, the couple immediately had sparks!

  2. Love the story! So happy to see that an arranged marriage can even have sparks!

  3. What a fun and quirky love story based off of such a steep tradition of arranged marriage!