Monday 11 July 2016

Finding love in the most expected places

First of, I apologize for being away from my blog for more than a year but graduate school in the US is hard specially when you choose to write a thesis. So yes in the past year I did do a lot of writing but just not for the blog! I defended my thesis successfully and graduated with my second master's degree this May. And now I have some time on my hands so the first thing I turn to is my blog (It is precious to me even if it may not seem so :P).

Friday 26 June 2015

A namesake arranged marriage

Hey folks! I am back again with a post a month kind of a thing. I am vacationing in India and shamelessly getting as lazy as I can (have to make the most of it ya know?! :P). Today's interview is with Priyanka and Suyash on being bound to each other for next seven lifetimes (As per Hindu Mythology :)).
Real Indian Bride lehenga

Tuesday 28 April 2015

A Delhi bride's story with a twist

First of all, I apologize for the delay! This semester I started teaching undergraduates, so had to prioritize things and the blog took a backseat. However, I am going to publish a story soon! This is what I will do when I take a break from studying, I think this will be more productive than Facebooking. Today's story has been shared by Sourav Kumar Das aka SKD! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us. This is Astha and Karan's story, theirs is a wedding with the modern-thinker twist. The bride definitely defied some norms of the society (I totally relate to her, being a rebel myself :P).

Friday 2 January 2015

From Africa to bliss - A cross-cultural wedding

First and foremost a very happy new year to everyone, hope everyone had a gala time! Now for the story, work got these two souls together. Wedding Storyz bring you the unique story of Rutuja and Vincent. They met each other in West Africa while working on a mining project. "Right from the beginning we connected in a really comfortable sort of way. We’re both in the field of social development and consulting and this involves a lot of travelling. The kind of work we do is a big part of what we are in person, and it definitely shapes our likes, dislikes and generally our opinions. It was just this aspect that drew us together" says Rutuja. (This is so true! When your core beliefs are similar, you usually find it easy to share your life with the other person).

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Destination wedding it is! Exotic and extraordinary

We have a short story of an exotic destination wedding for you today. Yes, our own, Indian island wedding! I am so excited!! (I guess I have used all the exclamation marks for the month :D). This story is unique in more than two ways, first it is a destination wedding, second it took place at a unfrequented place and third it is a NRI story. This is Marisha and Neil's story, edited by me and captured in pictures by Navin Kumar of Retina Charmer Wedding Atelier.

Thursday 6 November 2014

A wedding full of romance in the city of Nawabs!

Sorry for the longgggggggg break! I am going to graduate school here in the United States and it is hectic! I don't have a life :/ Yet, I love blogging so much, I have left aside my homework and come on here so that I can bring to you another beautiful story of love, dress and mess!

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Our first Delhi Wedding

Our first Delhi wedding!! (Yes, our own Delhi bride yay!) Shweta tells us about how she went about the lehenga hunt, getting that oh so gorgeous bridal look and settling down on a lens artist from the many options available. (Pssstt.. and a little bit about themselves too!)

Their wedding destination was an ideal dream destination: Chattarpur farms, Delhi! They couple had this matter settled for them, it had to be Chattarpur (oh yes... was an elite wedding :)). "The search for something out of the world kept going throughout Delhi for days" says Shweta. Luckily, she zeroed in on the first thing she set her eyes on (that's a herculean task for a girl ;)) Simply because it was pretty, and for the first time gave them the feel of being a bride and a groom. According to Shweta, Frontier Raas, South Extension is the best place to get your trousseau. "It is a one stop shop, no waste of time. You can spend hours and hours to find the right thing for you, but remember, no matter what you finalize for yourself, you are bound to stand out of the crowd and look just 'The Best'. Simple reason...You will be the only Bride and the only Groom there" (Hahaha.. so true, such logic). Shweta's tips for you? Just wear your confidence!

Thursday 18 September 2014

Straight from the bride's heart!

Goan wedding bride white dress catholic
I like to keep a personal touch to my blog, basically because I love blogging about couples, their stories, the love, the emotions and about the good things that our world has to offer. I really don't like to make it too professional, it somehow makes it look very clinical/technical. I want it to be raw, with real words, real emotions, real experiences.

So today's story is very democratic. How so you ask? Well simply because it is a story: OF A BRIDE, BY A BRIDE, FOR A BRIDE! (That's why the title).

Nadia loves reading the stories Wedding Storyz posts and she is more than happy to contribute, she thought our initiative would be a good help for any to-be-brides/grooms. (Amen).

So here is a personal message I received from Nadia, after she decided to write her story for Wedding Storyz:

I really did not know what to compile as a wedding story, I have added a bit about both of us, the wedding preps and some drama. (Exactly what we would love to read!) Adding some pics too, if you need to steal any from my page, please feel free thanks a ton.

Wednesday 17 September 2014

How a wedding led to another wedding.

In line with our tradition, we present to you another interesting story of a beautiful couple Yukti and Kamesh. Guess where they met? At a wedding!!! (As the title suggests). Gorgeous Yukti, born and brought up in Pune thinks Kamesh is an extremely loving, considerate and thoughtful person. They met at her cousin’s (Kamesh's best buddy) wedding; to her he is a custom-fit partner. Kamesh revealed that Yukti's nickname is Mona and seemed like a girl full of life when he first saw her. He says she is loving, caring, not easily angered (although she disagrees with this bit), no tantrums, no drama. How could Kamesh not fall in love with her at the very first sight! 

Monday 18 August 2014

Love, Shaadi and Lehenga

Well guys, as promised, I am back on track and would be posting awesome wedding stories from across the globe regularly now. I have recently relocated but I make sure I have access to a PC and internet so that I am not disconnected from you guys. Thank you so much for loving the blog and reading all our stories, the couples are also really psyched that they are able to help newbies like you.

Following is a super cool interview with a super cool couple! (Questions included)

Me: Do tell me a little about both of you (where you live, where you work, how you met etc.).

Them: We live in Melbourne, Australia. I, Shweta, work with Telstra while Anjan my hubby dearest works with Ford.

Sunday 17 August 2014

Wedding Reels on our Wedding Vendors list

Wedding Reels is an entity which makes all your dreams come true. They are a team of photographers and cinematographers who will cover your wedding in a different way and make those moments unforgettable!

Their work: Wedding Reels

You can WhatsApp them on: +91 9096256841

Before accepting a project, they would love to know a little bit about you like what type of wedding is it, duration of all the celebrations, the rituals etc. etc. They are vouched for by bride Mrunmayee and groom Sameer, read their story here.

Camera Crew on our vendor's list

Dear readers, as promised by me, I handpick vendors specially for you, so that it is a pleasant experience for you to plan your wedding by making an informed decision. Finalizing on a particular vendor out of all those available can get confusing. Hence we have tried and tested vendors who do not buck under pressure and ensure great service at all times.

So here is another vendor added to our elite list: Camera Crew, a photo and video house led by Mr. Rajesh Dembla. Following is their listing:

Tidbits about CC:

We are a full-service creative photography agency based in Mumbai, India. With professional photography and innovative settings, we capture impressive, original and stunning pictures to ensure that your beautiful memories are creatively secured for life! We are one-stop-shop for all creative needs related to your marriage. With enormous experience and amazing portfolio of weddings, we have honed the skill of creating absolutely startling albums and panoramas using 360 Panoramic Virtual Tours, Still Photographs and Videos.

Their work: Camera Crew

Ring them on: +91-9870 888444

They love to travel and as promised by Wedding Storyz are vouched for by bride Sonal and groom Karan, read their story here.

Wednesday 13 August 2014

Our second I Heart You couple!!

After a super long break, I finally got some time to write about another arranged marriage which turned into a lovey-dovey, cute and mushy love story over time :) (Some beautiful pictures of a quintessential Maharashtrian Wedding coming up specially for you guys!).

Meet Mrunmayee and Sameer, both engineers although in different domains. Sameer is more towards the creative side being a design engineer whereas Mrunmayee is more towards the techy geek types being a software engineer. They both met in Pune in an arranged set-up (the first time they spoke to each other was over phone to finalize a meeting place and time). (Yes I know, the routine girl meets boy :)) But hold on.... there is a twist, the first time they spoke face to face, something clicked, they instantly knew that they are meant to be. (Taada! Magic, I know right ;)) But that's how cupid strike, unknowingly and in the most unexpected circumstances.

Monday 7 July 2014

Sonal and Karan get chatty about love, life and shaadi

Our own Jab We Met with a twist!! Read Sonal and Karan's sweet little story about how a bus ride changed their life. First a small introduction: Sonal Ashok Khade is a doctor, now pursuing masters from Aurangabad, Maharashtra in dermatology while Karan Shyam Ahuja is a marine engineer who sets sails every now and then to far off mystical lands. (Who would not want a job where you get paid for travelling!!

Wednesday 2 July 2014

On popular demand!

Sindhuri's story was such a hit, I have people asking me for more info about the wedding and the vendors she worked with, specially her makeup artist. Fortunately I was able to connect with Chitra Maudgil (for Sindhuri's full story read here) and write an excerpt for you about the makeup stories.

Sindhuri's interest in makeup made her cross paths with Chitra and learn a couple of makeup looks from her. "We hit it off and when Sindhuri called me months after to do her wedding makeup, I was in!" recalls Chitra.
bridal makeup artist salon parlour beauty tips and tricks

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Modern jewellery for the modern working woman

For the contemporary bride.

Is there a small rebel in you? A thirst for being distinguishable? Then you would love Avrom. It has that subtle nature of being different; of standing out from the crowd. Well why should Wedding Storyz say much, as usual we have an amazing lady, Mrs Juhi Juyal Trivedi the quintessential modern working woman who adores her jewellery and hence chooses it carefully; to vouch for Avrom. And also we have a few words of wisdom from the magician who works wonder behind the Avrom brand, Miss Priti Sharma, the managing director of the brand.

We had a candid interview with Juhi to know why she went contemporary and about her experience with Avrom. And quick questions for Priti as to give us an insight into contemporary jewellery making.

Tell us something about yourself, knick-knacks, tidbits.

My name is Juhi Juyal Trivedi and I work as a software engineer with Sun life and live in Delhi, married to the love of my life. And usually have a very busy schedule. I get time for myself over the weekends and that is when I like to go for shopping and spending time with my husband.

Share with us your love for jewellery; are you very fond of it? Or do you use it occasionally?

As a modern working woman I prefer wearing minimal but stylish jewellery and every woman shares this love for buying exclusive jewellery that she can flaunt about. (Yes! We totally get it, every woman wants a style statement of her own)

What made you choose Avrom?

I came to know about Avrom first through Instagram and then through Facebook and instantly liked their style of jewellery. They are unique and have very interesting designs. (Ahhh... the blissful world of social media, what would we do without it :P)

Sunday 15 June 2014

Real weddings: A grand South Indian wedding in Hyderbad

We are so excited to feature our first real wedding!! Wedding Storyz proudly presents the story of D. Sindhuri Ajit and Venkata Ratna Kumar Bade (yes a quintessential South Indian wedding, to be precise, a quintessential Telugu wedding). Some facts about them: Sindhuri is from Hyderabad while Kumar has been in the States since past 10 years working with telecom giant AT&T. Kumar’s parents just loved Sindhuri’s profile when they came across it on the very popular matrimonial site Bharat Matrimony and contacted her mother. There was no stopping after that, they met, fell for each other and eventually got married. Sindhuri moved to Seattle where they currently reside. Even though theirs is an out and out arranged marriage they are totally smitten with each other.

Sindhuri says, “What I like about him is his simplicity. He is a very down to earth and patient person.” “Her cheerful nature and the fact that she is an outgoing person and fun to be with, is what I love about her” shares Kumar. (Opposites attract me thinks!) They love spending time with each other and going on long drives. They also enjoy traveling and have already been on some awesome trips together. “It is an arranged marriage and we are new to each other so everything that we do together feels great! Even a walk in the garden feels special. His little surprises make me feel on top of the world” she laughs.

Thursday 12 June 2014

Popular honeymoon destinations

Honeymoon destinations
venice cafe restaurantToday’s topic has been on my mind for a long time so I thought I should just write about it and get it out of my system! This post is all about HONEYMOONS!!! Yes the blessed span of time where you go stretch out on the recliner and laze all day or sightsee some. There are sooooooo many options to choose from; obviously anyone can get confounded. A couple is perhaps as spoilt for choice while browsing for honeymoon destinations as is a buyer of shampoo. With travelling to other countries and within the country becoming a cakewalk it is inevitable. Then how to choose the right destination for your honeymoon? I say you break it down: What kind of a trip are you looking for? Relaxing? Adventure? Shopping spree? Specific country? Or a simple getaway? Secondly, the major factor that I would suggest you to take into consideration is the climate of the place where you plan to head. We usually neglect it and then spend the vacation either sniffling or feeling uneasy. Some love the cold weathers some the warm balminess of the tropics. Thirdly, you would like to consider the geography of the place, some find beaches calming and soothing while others crave for hilly regions. However, of all these pointers, the most important one is how much time you have on hand for your honeymoon? (The irony of our lives). It makes no sense to spend most of your vacation in a plane, train, bus or car, even though it seems very pleasant in Zindagi na milegi doobara :P (yes that was a jibe, even though I like the movie)

Saturday 31 May 2014

Reel n Real Photography go on to our wedding vendors list!

Meet Isha and Simar, IT professionals bubbling with a passion for photography. As a result of their love for photography, RnR came into existence. Isha says, "We wanted a platform for candid photography services specially for weddings and events." 

Their work: Reel n Real Photography
When asked what drives them, Simar says, "We are purely into candid photography. Good rapport with the client is extremely necessary for us! We started providing professional services to help people gain benefit from our expertise while fulfilling our passion. Just seek love and respect in return along with some patience. We try our best to understand the requirement of the client and fulfill it."

Friday 30 May 2014

Featuring on I heart you: Vasudha and Amogh

Wedding Storyz brings you the first story of love to be published on our blog: Vasudha and Amogh who fell head over heels during their MBA program at the prestigious institute Symbiosis International University. (Yes somewhat like 2 states!!). Vasudha hails from dilwalon ki Delhi while Amogh is from the Oxford of the east: Pune; also the city where they met for the first time. They are a modern day couple currently residing at Mumbai and having promising careers at Cipla.

Sunday 25 May 2014

Introducing our own image gallery!

Wedding Ideaz

Check the "Wedding Ideaz" tab for what's hot and what's not!

Fabulous ideas to inspire you to plan that perfect wedding you always wished for. Our galleries display the latest trends in the wedding industry, be it wedding outfits, makeup artists, hairstyles, wedding photography or mandap / stage decor. And even if you are not planning a wedding or an engagement, these inspirations may serve for other occasions too like festivals, parties, anniversaries etc.

Sunday 18 May 2014

Latest hairstyles - DIY tutorial

There are many beautiful hairstyles that you would want for your wedding ceremonies, this one is popular amongst brides seeking a more casual look. Following is a tutorial for a hairstyle suitable for a reception, post wedding party or sangeet, where the mood is more festive and you do not have to worry much about letting your hair loose.

Waterfall Braid Tutorial:

Trending Hairstyles for Brides1. Part hair on it’s natural side.

2. Take a handful of hair and divide it into 3 parts.

3. French braid till a finger’s length. This braid will prevent your hair falling over your face.

4. Then, leave the hair as it is top segment will remain firm because of the braid and the down segment will fall loosely over your shoulders.

Saturday 17 May 2014

Indian Wedding Blog

Ever thought about fairytale weddings? Then this is the place to be! We bring you the most gorgeous weddings from across continents, real life experiences of brides, grooms, wedding vendors like caterers, wedding photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists and many more.

  • All about weddings / marriages
  • Indian wedding blog / website
  • Your online / personal wedding planner
  • Recommended wedding vendors list
  • Soon to feature international and destination weddings

Wedding Photography Cost

Wedding photography | How much should a couple spend on their wedding photography?

Imagine your life a decade from when you get married. What would hold most precious to you apart from the love and affection? Indeed, the happy memories, right? We wish we could turn back time and relive those moments! As it is not possible we choose the next best option and preserve our memories through vivid and mesmerizing pictures, videos, audios and any other way of documentation, which we share with our next generations to come. So when it is such an integral part of our lives would one not think twice before handing over the assignment to a photographer?
Candid Wedding PhotographyBrides and grooms usually spend a good percentage of their wedding budget on bridal wear / groom wear and accessories but it would be short-lived if it is not captured in the right way at the right time. The elaborate décor or a grand venue would be as quickly forgotten if not documented and shared with friends and family. These may seem trivial at present, however as mentioned before, imagine a time ten years in the future, that is when it would matter most. Wouldn’t you want to narrate some great stories and amusing incidents to your grandchildren? One should also keep in mind the quality and the aesthetics of the pictures; you should want to look at them even after considerable number of years. Even though you may have seen them several times they should definitely not lose their charm to make you feel nostalgic and loved. In today’s digital age when sharing and passing along has become as easier as it can get, it is only wise that one fully utilizes the excellent talent offered by the many artists to make your occasions eternal. And it is only human to get lost in midst of the digital jungle.

Friday 9 May 2014

Perfect wedding outfit for the Indian bride

Probably it must be the most clichéd topic in the universe, but alas it the most dearest one to any bride to be! There may have been millions of post till date detailing about “the perfect dress” or in the Indian context, “the perfect lehenga”! I spoke to many brides to be and came to the conclusion that the lehenga hunt starts way before any other plundering. In some instance even before the date is fixed! Well love of clothes prevails over all others! :D

So yeah, this blogpost is going to give you some serious advice: BE COMFORTABLE, simply because you will need to be in that outfit for hours together and it will be in this outfit that you will be entering your new life with your beloved. You would definitely not wish to miss out on those special moments while you fret about how the material is too itchy or that the neckline too deep. All you would want to think about is the blissful break called honeymoon that you will get after gliding through the ceremonies.