Friday 9 May 2014

Perfect wedding outfit for the Indian bride

Probably it must be the most clichéd topic in the universe, but alas it the most dearest one to any bride to be! There may have been millions of post till date detailing about “the perfect dress” or in the Indian context, “the perfect lehenga”! I spoke to many brides to be and came to the conclusion that the lehenga hunt starts way before any other plundering. In some instance even before the date is fixed! Well love of clothes prevails over all others! :D

So yeah, this blogpost is going to give you some serious advice: BE COMFORTABLE, simply because you will need to be in that outfit for hours together and it will be in this outfit that you will be entering your new life with your beloved. You would definitely not wish to miss out on those special moments while you fret about how the material is too itchy or that the neckline too deep. All you would want to think about is the blissful break called honeymoon that you will get after gliding through the ceremonies.

The best places to get those gorg lehengas are Delhi, Kolkata and Jaipur. There is no competitor for Chandni Chowk and many brides swear by it. Moreover, it all depends on what style you are looking for; rest assured these places cater to almost all styles that you may be looking for. There is also the designer collection for those who are not on a budget. Labels like Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani and can set your wedding mandap ablaze with their fab creations. Silks, Georgette, Chiffon are the evergreen materials which can be tailored into any shape and size of your desire. When in doubt you can always fall back on the pink with orange or red with blue or opt for the good ol’ single colours of bold red or black with gold or copper works.

If you are a working bride to be, who cannot spare enough time for conventional shopping ways can always seek assistance of professional stylists and personal merchandisers. They will know where to find what and at what price. They will procure your wedding ensemble for you as well as your loved ones if requested. Maybe they will strike up a good bargain for you. Go give it a try!

Love of lehenga, saree, anarkali, wedding dress or any other outfit is bubbling since the ancient times, only that the way we shop and the fashion trends have evolved.


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