Saturday 17 May 2014

Wedding Photography Cost

Wedding photography | How much should a couple spend on their wedding photography?

Imagine your life a decade from when you get married. What would hold most precious to you apart from the love and affection? Indeed, the happy memories, right? We wish we could turn back time and relive those moments! As it is not possible we choose the next best option and preserve our memories through vivid and mesmerizing pictures, videos, audios and any other way of documentation, which we share with our next generations to come. So when it is such an integral part of our lives would one not think twice before handing over the assignment to a photographer?
Candid Wedding PhotographyBrides and grooms usually spend a good percentage of their wedding budget on bridal wear / groom wear and accessories but it would be short-lived if it is not captured in the right way at the right time. The elaborate d├ęcor or a grand venue would be as quickly forgotten if not documented and shared with friends and family. These may seem trivial at present, however as mentioned before, imagine a time ten years in the future, that is when it would matter most. Wouldn’t you want to narrate some great stories and amusing incidents to your grandchildren? One should also keep in mind the quality and the aesthetics of the pictures; you should want to look at them even after considerable number of years. Even though you may have seen them several times they should definitely not lose their charm to make you feel nostalgic and loved. In today’s digital age when sharing and passing along has become as easier as it can get, it is only wise that one fully utilizes the excellent talent offered by the many artists to make your occasions eternal. And it is only human to get lost in midst of the digital jungle.
Candid Wedding PhotographyPeople think about photographers as someone who clicks pictures for certain duration and gets paid for it. But in reality, professional photographers are much more than that, they are true artists. People easily assume that a painting or a sculpture being expensive is a norm, a way of life. Then why not photographs? Their way of expression and talent is also an art. Right from which lens to use, what angle to set till making the pictures look good with minimum of editing. Well who likes photoshopped work? In this era of awareness, more and more couples are going for candid pictures, which show their expression in their environment and give them a feeling of belongingness to the pictures.

Candid Wedding Photography
Professional wedding photographers do not just click randomly; they click to form a story connecting your life and your big event. They highlight those moments which are on top of your mind with as less instructions as possible. However, such finesse comes at a cost and with careful planning. There are many ways in which to-be brides, grooms and amateur wedding planners can ensure that they get the best value for money. Furthermore, neither should think that it is always an expensive affair. With right choice, research and some guidance you will be able to choose the perfect artist for those perfect pictures at an optimal price. In the next post we will share some tips for choosing the right photographer for your wedding, pre-wedding, engagement, reception and other occasions.

Photo courtesy: Amour Affairs