Thursday 18 September 2014

Straight from the bride's heart!

Goan wedding bride white dress catholic
I like to keep a personal touch to my blog, basically because I love blogging about couples, their stories, the love, the emotions and about the good things that our world has to offer. I really don't like to make it too professional, it somehow makes it look very clinical/technical. I want it to be raw, with real words, real emotions, real experiences.

So today's story is very democratic. How so you ask? Well simply because it is a story: OF A BRIDE, BY A BRIDE, FOR A BRIDE! (That's why the title).

Nadia loves reading the stories Wedding Storyz posts and she is more than happy to contribute, she thought our initiative would be a good help for any to-be-brides/grooms. (Amen).

So here is a personal message I received from Nadia, after she decided to write her story for Wedding Storyz:

I really did not know what to compile as a wedding story, I have added a bit about both of us, the wedding preps and some drama. (Exactly what we would love to read!) Adding some pics too, if you need to steal any from my page, please feel free thanks a ton.

And following is their story, written in her own words by Nadia.
bridesmaid dresses bouquets indian
I and Eugene got to know of each other in the summer of 2011. Me a Goan born Mumbai girl, and he Jabalpur born Goan mix breed found friends in each other before love struck us. (Yes, a quintessential Goan Wedding).

indian pre wedding photographer
Simple people with no love "at all" life before this. Only a single common friend and technology could help with the impossible... this just describes how I and Eugene met.

A movie outing together for the first time was only after the wedding date was out and officially. That's how hopeless we are. Yet it's a love marriage and no I am not telling you what happens after an arrange marriage is decided. (Bwahaha)

It is just as simple as this. We fools, wanted to get married because if we didn't, someone else would have married us like there was some sort of deadline. (This had me cracked up, however I think this is true sometime). Nothing in real but like every person you meet after you are 25, questions you if your working and where, are u married etc. etc. Sigh. Same was for us.
Goan wedding bride white dress catholic

Had we met in person, we would still be hopelessly single, with all the matchmakers sweating it out for us respectively. Or else how would a totally workaholic fashion designer and a totally mental robotic engineering gamer meet!

Some may think about technology as a curse, but not in our case. We've been blessed with each other. We can only thank God for keeping that someone special out there for everyone of us. 

What next: just a handful of meetings, a million phone conversations (in which Eugene used to doze off even before I said goodnight and muah) and just pure trust. W decided after our parents gave us the nod, that is YES YES YES for us. No falling on the knees proposal, but just a taken for granted invisible force that told us were meant to be. (Now that's something new :))

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A fairytale destination wedding had to follow, thank God for this part, since I mentioned no getting down on the knees happened. I went nearly mental with the preps and all my nerdy groom would say is, don't worry everything will go great. Hahaha. I wish. With the help of my folks and both our families, it turned out just the way we wanted. Even better maybe. Loads and loads of research online, reading several wedding blogs, Pinterest and of course it's a matter of choice that leads to the outcome of any wedding. Since the wardrobe was taken care by me, looking for the right vendors, speaking to the other bride and groom friends, I managed to land with the best vendors in town. I believe there are just three important elements to having a wedding that leaves a long lasting impression on the guests: the decor, music and food. If these three are set right, you have nearly the won the whole battle. And to remember this for a lifetime, you need a photographer and a filmmaker just to capture and bring out the mood of that day. Just a tip, in spite of not hiring a wedding planner I managed to pull this off only cause everything was double or even triple checked.
Goan wedding bride white dress catholic
 Be it the wedding cake, buttoniares, the grooms cuff links or even the lip colour if you want it to be exclusive and unique, you need to take effort to hand pick it or even have reference pics set in prior or even better have someone reliable person to get it done for you. Takeing ideas from family is great. But it does leave you more confused and less sorted, not that an advice or two isn't important, but have ideas pushed onto you is something blah.

Goan wedding bride white dress catholic
We got hitched on 2nd Jan 2014 precisely with just one mess up with my dad's Audi keys getting misplaced :/ and being daddy's little girl there was no way I was going to walk down the isle till he found them before we left for church or else how will my dad take off to church when he brought that especially for me even though it wasn't going to be my ride for that day. I was looking for the keys with the make up and hairdo all done, even when we had the whole family doing it for me anyways. Things like these happen, bigger mess ups too, a tip, try not to ruin your mood even if stuff like this or even worse happens, because the best day in your life isn't going to return even if your willing to pay all that moolah.

8 months into the wedding, we are two hopeless couples discovering love, love for each other. 
Goan wedding bride white dress catholic
We can't tell if people are unhappy after marriage or there is something amiss, there has never been a moment when have I heard my husband say anything apart from, I quote: 'How is married life?', Eugene "Great buddy, I couldn't have asked for something better. She's the best thing that has happened to me". I blush and am grateful and happy that I am a part of this institution called marriage.
Goan wedding bride white dress catholic
So guys there you go, a heart-warming story and some amazing tips to have that memorable wedding day that you have always wanted!
Goan wedding bride white dress catholic

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Goan wedding bride groom catholic

Goan wedding bride groom catholic

Goan wedding bride groom catholic


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  3. A movie date AFTER only after the wedding date was set, wow! What a wonderful story and even more beautiful wedding.

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