Wednesday 24 September 2014

Our first Delhi Wedding

Our first Delhi wedding!! (Yes, our own Delhi bride yay!) Shweta tells us about how she went about the lehenga hunt, getting that oh so gorgeous bridal look and settling down on a lens artist from the many options available. (Pssstt.. and a little bit about themselves too!)

Their wedding destination was an ideal dream destination: Chattarpur farms, Delhi! They couple had this matter settled for them, it had to be Chattarpur (oh yes... was an elite wedding :)). "The search for something out of the world kept going throughout Delhi for days" says Shweta. Luckily, she zeroed in on the first thing she set her eyes on (that's a herculean task for a girl ;)) Simply because it was pretty, and for the first time gave them the feel of being a bride and a groom. According to Shweta, Frontier Raas, South Extension is the best place to get your trousseau. "It is a one stop shop, no waste of time. You can spend hours and hours to find the right thing for you, but remember, no matter what you finalize for yourself, you are bound to stand out of the crowd and look just 'The Best'. Simple reason...You will be the only Bride and the only Groom there" (Hahaha.. so true, such logic). Shweta's tips for you? Just wear your confidence!

Thursday 18 September 2014

Straight from the bride's heart!

Goan wedding bride white dress catholic
I like to keep a personal touch to my blog, basically because I love blogging about couples, their stories, the love, the emotions and about the good things that our world has to offer. I really don't like to make it too professional, it somehow makes it look very clinical/technical. I want it to be raw, with real words, real emotions, real experiences.

So today's story is very democratic. How so you ask? Well simply because it is a story: OF A BRIDE, BY A BRIDE, FOR A BRIDE! (That's why the title).

Nadia loves reading the stories Wedding Storyz posts and she is more than happy to contribute, she thought our initiative would be a good help for any to-be-brides/grooms. (Amen).

So here is a personal message I received from Nadia, after she decided to write her story for Wedding Storyz:

I really did not know what to compile as a wedding story, I have added a bit about both of us, the wedding preps and some drama. (Exactly what we would love to read!) Adding some pics too, if you need to steal any from my page, please feel free thanks a ton.

Wednesday 17 September 2014

How a wedding led to another wedding.

In line with our tradition, we present to you another interesting story of a beautiful couple Yukti and Kamesh. Guess where they met? At a wedding!!! (As the title suggests). Gorgeous Yukti, born and brought up in Pune thinks Kamesh is an extremely loving, considerate and thoughtful person. They met at her cousin’s (Kamesh's best buddy) wedding; to her he is a custom-fit partner. Kamesh revealed that Yukti's nickname is Mona and seemed like a girl full of life when he first saw her. He says she is loving, caring, not easily angered (although she disagrees with this bit), no tantrums, no drama. How could Kamesh not fall in love with her at the very first sight!