Saturday 31 May 2014

Reel n Real Photography go on to our wedding vendors list!

Meet Isha and Simar, IT professionals bubbling with a passion for photography. As a result of their love for photography, RnR came into existence. Isha says, "We wanted a platform for candid photography services specially for weddings and events." 

Their work: Reel n Real Photography
When asked what drives them, Simar says, "We are purely into candid photography. Good rapport with the client is extremely necessary for us! We started providing professional services to help people gain benefit from our expertise while fulfilling our passion. Just seek love and respect in return along with some patience. We try our best to understand the requirement of the client and fulfill it."

Friday 30 May 2014

Featuring on I heart you: Vasudha and Amogh

Wedding Storyz brings you the first story of love to be published on our blog: Vasudha and Amogh who fell head over heels during their MBA program at the prestigious institute Symbiosis International University. (Yes somewhat like 2 states!!). Vasudha hails from dilwalon ki Delhi while Amogh is from the Oxford of the east: Pune; also the city where they met for the first time. They are a modern day couple currently residing at Mumbai and having promising careers at Cipla.

Sunday 25 May 2014

Introducing our own image gallery!

Wedding Ideaz

Check the "Wedding Ideaz" tab for what's hot and what's not!

Fabulous ideas to inspire you to plan that perfect wedding you always wished for. Our galleries display the latest trends in the wedding industry, be it wedding outfits, makeup artists, hairstyles, wedding photography or mandap / stage decor. And even if you are not planning a wedding or an engagement, these inspirations may serve for other occasions too like festivals, parties, anniversaries etc.

Sunday 18 May 2014

Latest hairstyles - DIY tutorial

There are many beautiful hairstyles that you would want for your wedding ceremonies, this one is popular amongst brides seeking a more casual look. Following is a tutorial for a hairstyle suitable for a reception, post wedding party or sangeet, where the mood is more festive and you do not have to worry much about letting your hair loose.

Waterfall Braid Tutorial:

Trending Hairstyles for Brides1. Part hair on it’s natural side.

2. Take a handful of hair and divide it into 3 parts.

3. French braid till a finger’s length. This braid will prevent your hair falling over your face.

4. Then, leave the hair as it is top segment will remain firm because of the braid and the down segment will fall loosely over your shoulders.

Saturday 17 May 2014

Indian Wedding Blog

Ever thought about fairytale weddings? Then this is the place to be! We bring you the most gorgeous weddings from across continents, real life experiences of brides, grooms, wedding vendors like caterers, wedding photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists and many more.

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Wedding Photography Cost

Wedding photography | How much should a couple spend on their wedding photography?

Imagine your life a decade from when you get married. What would hold most precious to you apart from the love and affection? Indeed, the happy memories, right? We wish we could turn back time and relive those moments! As it is not possible we choose the next best option and preserve our memories through vivid and mesmerizing pictures, videos, audios and any other way of documentation, which we share with our next generations to come. So when it is such an integral part of our lives would one not think twice before handing over the assignment to a photographer?
Candid Wedding PhotographyBrides and grooms usually spend a good percentage of their wedding budget on bridal wear / groom wear and accessories but it would be short-lived if it is not captured in the right way at the right time. The elaborate décor or a grand venue would be as quickly forgotten if not documented and shared with friends and family. These may seem trivial at present, however as mentioned before, imagine a time ten years in the future, that is when it would matter most. Wouldn’t you want to narrate some great stories and amusing incidents to your grandchildren? One should also keep in mind the quality and the aesthetics of the pictures; you should want to look at them even after considerable number of years. Even though you may have seen them several times they should definitely not lose their charm to make you feel nostalgic and loved. In today’s digital age when sharing and passing along has become as easier as it can get, it is only wise that one fully utilizes the excellent talent offered by the many artists to make your occasions eternal. And it is only human to get lost in midst of the digital jungle.

Friday 9 May 2014

Perfect wedding outfit for the Indian bride

Probably it must be the most clichéd topic in the universe, but alas it the most dearest one to any bride to be! There may have been millions of post till date detailing about “the perfect dress” or in the Indian context, “the perfect lehenga”! I spoke to many brides to be and came to the conclusion that the lehenga hunt starts way before any other plundering. In some instance even before the date is fixed! Well love of clothes prevails over all others! :D

So yeah, this blogpost is going to give you some serious advice: BE COMFORTABLE, simply because you will need to be in that outfit for hours together and it will be in this outfit that you will be entering your new life with your beloved. You would definitely not wish to miss out on those special moments while you fret about how the material is too itchy or that the neckline too deep. All you would want to think about is the blissful break called honeymoon that you will get after gliding through the ceremonies.