Monday 7 July 2014

Sonal and Karan get chatty about love, life and shaadi

Our own Jab We Met with a twist!! Read Sonal and Karan's sweet little story about how a bus ride changed their life. First a small introduction: Sonal Ashok Khade is a doctor, now pursuing masters from Aurangabad, Maharashtra in dermatology while Karan Shyam Ahuja is a marine engineer who sets sails every now and then to far off mystical lands. (Who would not want a job where you get paid for travelling!!

"We met on a bus that was going to Pune one fine morning on 23rd Jan 2006" says Sonal, remembering the exact date. Karan made the first move and started a casual conversation with her. That's how they hit it off and began dating after a few months. "Never thought taking a bus would change my life completely and herald so much happiness!!" gushes Sonal. (Yes, instead of a train, the bus did the trick ;))
When asked what endears him to Sonal the most, Karan says "The thing that I find special about her is her nature. I have always admired the way she lives her life, full of joy, living the moment." "I've never been able to do that and when I'm around her I am a different person altogether! I can actually live that part of me who wants to enjoy every moment and be happy no matter what happens in life cause one thing I will never lose is her love" (Awwww... that would melt anyone's heart...sob). Sonal reveals Karan is a very loving and caring person, helpful in nature respects feminism and his values for life are highly appreciative. "He respects me for what I am and I too respect him a lot; proud to be his wife!" says she.

When asked what you like doing together, Karan laughs "I guess this is a complicated one but if it was me I would say shopping because I completely hate the window shopping part but that is overcome when she makes a purchase and and I see that big smile on her face... I could go through any amount of window shopping ka torture just to see her happy and smiling...!! (The dilemma of every husband). Sonal tells us, they also love cooking together at times. "He is crazy about my smile!! Years back when we used to meet up at Barista Coffee, I used to smile stupidly as the sugar cubes sank in my coffee and he used to eagerly wait for me to add the cubes just to see the smile on my face. Its silly but certainly very special to us." If time could be wound back, they would like to go back to the place where it all started: Talegaon, Pune, where they whiled away hours together, sipping steaming cups of coffee and munching on mayo sandwiches at a small roadside bistro named Homeland. They spent breezy afternoons at a secret hillside place holding hands, enjoying the beauty of nature. "My college porch was also one of our favourite spots, in fact recently before marriage we visited the place again, loved it so much!"

 Now the part every bride-to-be wants to know about, the costume: "We didn't have any special designer for the costumes, we just looked some places and picked what we liked" said Sonal. It is said, that anyone who attends a wedding usually remembers the food they had that day. "Our lunch at the pheras was typical Maharashtrian and Sindhi food provided by a small catering group called Sai Samrath Caterers, everyone loved the food" exclaims Karan. 'Diamonds are woman's best friend" and they are surely Sonal's too. They hired the famous "The Diamond Factory" and "Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri" as their jewellery designers. Sonal's makeup was done by Maya Meheta. "She is a wonderful person and now a good friend too! I would like to thank her for the efforts she made for all our wedding functions to make me look pretty" says Sonal. The couple would like to extend a special thanks to Camera Crew: "Rajesh Dembla and team are just awesome! If one wishes to live their wedding day again and again years down the line then they should surely go for Rajesh and his team.They have put in their 200% into our wedding pictures, film and albums." Last but not the least, the couple is grateful to their parents for all the love and support they gave them.
Concluding our sweet post with some wise words from our lovely couple to the ones who will be getting married soon: "A strong marriage rarely has two strong people at the same time. The husband and wife take turns being strong for each other in the moments when the other feels weak (such an apt description). So hold on to that one person always no matter what cause everyone is not blessed to have that feeling of being loved like you or we have" With this thought the cheerful couple ends the interview.
PC - Camera Crew (Rajesh Dembla)


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